For applicants

We are a stable company with 25 years of tradition on the Slovak market. Our benefit package includes motivating salaries, thirteenth and fourteenth salary, flexible working hours or overtime payment. We support healthy lifestyle and sports activities of our employees. Every one of our employees has the potential of career and professional growth and development of individual skills; therefore we support their education in the form of specialised training programs all year round.

For applicants

Motivating salaries

Motivating salaries

The company Foxconn Slovakia as part of their benefits package offers motivating remuneration, thirteenth and fourteenth salary, flexible working hours or supplements for operational changes or overtime payment.



Every employee has the potential for career and professional growth and the development of individual skills. We support education in the form of specialized training programs.



We offer many benefits in the areas of education, sports, culture and healthcare.

Financial benefits

Financial benefits

We support employees from distant locations by transport and accommodation; we also provide our own bus service.

Wide range of job positions

Wide range of job positions

As one of the largest production plants in the Nitra region and in Slovakia, we offer a wide range of jobs.

Benefits and rewards

Year-End Bonus

Transport allowance up to 180 €

Allowance for children with school attendance 60 €

Sick day

Employee favorable prices

Training programs and language courses

Loyal and long-term employees rewards

Air-conditioned production area

HOTLINE - free helpline & consulting

Allowance for improvement suggestions

Assurance of post-accident hospitalization

Assurance of permanent disability due to accident, allowance for disabled child

Life insurance and other insurances

Flexible working hours and shift surcharge

Recruiting premium up to 600 €

Birth allowance and adoption of the child, death of a family member

Allowance for employee lunch

Regular employee events

Sports venues tickets

Join us for an interview at any time without an application

Every Thursday at 09:00 am or call us at 037 69 44 149, or write to

Open positions

Free Hotline to call 0800 221 225

For students

For students of secondary vocational schools and university students, we offer:

Dual education

Our students work under the supervision of experienced instructors directly in production, where they gain valuable experience in addition to their high school studies. They will experience our company culture, quality and safety requirements at the workplace. After completing the dual education, the student has a higher chance of finding employment in the job market after studying at a secondary school.

At present, you can choose from two technical fields, which are academically covered by the Private Secondary Polytechnic School DSA in Nitra in coordination with our company.


Many graduates in these fields are already working for us in various engineering positions.


  • a welcome gift
  • the possibility of receiving a financial grant
  • pleasant learning environment (PC, PlayStation, chill-out zone)
  • employee meals
  • working clothes, shoes and other tools

Students can work in production and get to know the working environment of the plant, the company culture and the quality and safety requirements in the workplace. For the students themselves, dual education also offers many interesting benefits, such as financial grants, the opportunity to take advantage of company benefits and to gradually develop work habits. Students are also given preferential employment on graduation and receive a wealth of practical professional advice during their studies.


After successful completion of dual programme the job positions are guaranteed for students.

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For secondary technical schools in particular, we provide an opportunity of excursions within our factory.

The excursions last about 2-3 hours, consisting of short introduction of our company, our history, current production, benefits, job opportunities as well as a tour of the factory, in particular the LCD hall, SVC service, MPD and workstation and EMI chamber as well as a short visit to engineering.

Bachelor/Diploma theses

For students of colleges and universities, we offer an opportunity of professional consulting of their bachelor or diploma theses.

Based on the particular topic, the student is allocated a consultant, assisting them mainly in preparing the practical part of the thesis. The consultant is in close contact with the student, usually from the beginning of the work until the thesis defence.