That´s why we support them with the grant program Innovative with Foxconnn, in cooperation with the Nitrianska komunitna nadacia. This year, 7 projects will receive a financial support from us. We have distributed among them a total ammount of 9,000 €. We will support five educative projects, and two ecological projects.

This year, we distributed the funds mainly among the communities. Because even small projects can often surprise with innovative ideas and can significantly contribute to positive changes in their surroundings.

Find out more which projects have been supported by the grant programme Innovative with Foxconn Slovakia:

1. Green Chrenová, 2nd stage
The project is focused on the 2nd stage of revitalization and constant renewal of the premises near the largest apartment building in Nitra (Nábrežie mládeže 49-83). There will be created decorative shrubs, plants, planting snails, dens for hedgehogs, waterers for birds, butterflies and bees. All of these will be made of recycled materials. Insect hotels will also be held here in order to preserve the biodiversity of the area.

2. Outdoor classroom of mathematics and natural sciences
The project of the outdoor classroom of mathematics and natural sciences will be implemented in the premises of the Piarist Joint School in Nitra, which will transfer the classes to fresh air. Teaching will be carried outside of the school using large and modern teaching aids, especially from Hejny mathematics, but also elements from an environment. Children will learn in the real environment that surrounds them, using real tangible things, not just from the pictures in the textbook. A wide school community will be involved in the construction of the classroom and the creation of aids.

3. Restoration of the irrigation system in the orchard in the educational apiary
The main goal of the project is to build and operate an educational apiary in the orchard below Zobor. The educational apiary serves as a space for practical training of beginning beekeepers to be able to preserve this old craft even in the current conditions of changing climate. It also serves to spread awareness about bees and their contribution among students of Nitra schools, during excursions. The orchard planted with its varied composition of different species of trees and shrubs will allow children to get to know and taste fresh fruit from the trees, and at the same time, ensure the variety of bee colonies in the orchard throughout the season. Thanks to the grant, the irrigation system in the orchard will be restored and there will be purchased a projector for educational activities.

4. Interior green studio
Thanks to the support of Foxconn Slovakia, the Botanical Garden will build the Interior Green Studio as a space for education and culture not only for the students community, but also for other visitors. The studio will be located in the inefficiently used corridor of the interior of the Botanical Garden and will be equipped with modular mobile containers planted with tropical and subtropical plants and multifunctional furniture. The new space will also serve as an exhibition gallery, space for enviro and cultural workshops and facilities for community gatherings and relaxation. Teachers, curators, students and volunteers will be involved in the planning and implementation of greenery and furniture.

5. Mini-garden
Thanks to the support of this project, elevated flower beds will be built in the Kindergarten (Za Humnami in Nitra) in the school yard, in which the children will plant flowers themselves and create a place for insect houses and a butterfly farm. This will introduce children to the importance of insects in nature in a practical and experiential way. The water from the gutters will be used to water the beds. In this way, children will learn to save it in a natural way.

6. Practical technology, let’s learn with our hands
The elementary school of St. Mark in Nitra will build a classroom for practical teaching of technology – a professional workshop in which students will discover the magic of technology. The aim of the course is to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, to support manual skills in students. The classroom will also be used for a practical circle – Little Craftsman.

7. Vision 0
The Vision 0 project – a cycle of preventive lectures and events of OZ Bona Via will focus on road safety for children and young people and the general public. Because Nitra has recently seen an increasing number of electric scooters and at the same time the city is preparing to connect the pedestrian zone for cyclists. For the above reasons, OZ Bona via will prepare a series of lectures and events focused on road safety for children and young people, as well as the general public: Children’s driving school – practical traffic education for 4-year-olds. Nábrežie mládeže primary school, Safe for the holidays – an event on the traffic playground in Chrenová intended for residents and visitors of the city Transport Academy – a daily summer camp organized in cooperation with the Skalka Center in Nitra.

Photo: Lubo Balko


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