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In the area of electrical equipment production, IT services and engineering, we can provide you with comprehensive solutions, from product development, through the design of production process, to the final production itself.

We have top teams with skills tested by a large number of projects in an extremely competitive environment of the electrical equipment business. We also specialize in automation, robotics and IoT. We support big players and startups alike. With our experience and technical equipment, we are a partner for major global brands as well as startups.

We offer a wide range of professional services and after-sales services, including reworking, software preprogramming, testing, repackaging and logistics. We perform tests of climatic, cyclic and thermal shocks, transportation simulation tests and analysis of harmful elements in materials and products.

Our services also include secure storage facilities at an attractive location, accessible 24/7. The quality of services is ensured by trained personnel with many years of experience in warehouse management.


Our company is certified to the IATF 16949 standard for the automotive industry suppliers

We have a top team for production, engineering and IT with skills tested by a large number of projects in an extremely competitive environment of the electrical equipment business.

We offer top production services in the field of Automotive

SMT production of printed circuit boards which are part of electromobility technologies.
We focus on the following product categories:

  • Electronics and LED lighting control
  • Control units and sensor systems (ECU, ADAS, LIDAR, RADAR)
  • Virtual cockpits and MMI
  • In-vehicle and external systems for charging stations
  • Battery management systems (BMS)
We guarantee
  • 100 % quality without compromise
  • Delivery in contracted qualities and deadlines
  • Efficiency and a highly competitive price of production
  • Reliability tested by 25 years of deliveries for leading global brands
  • Flexibility and quick response to changes
We are ready
  • To invest in new technologies
  • To provide JIT and JIS deliveries
  • To interlink our ERP systems online (Orders, deliveries, stock levels, quality, engineering)
  • To apply our Industry 4.0 knowledge and real-life experience to your business

Manufacturing and Engineering

In the area of electrical equipment manufacturing and engineering, we can provide you with comprehensive solutions, from software development, through the design of the production process, to the final production itself.

Our team of experienced experts, developers and engineers has extensive experience of many years in production, automation, robotics, testing, optimization and design of partial as well as complex production processes. We use it in the production design and implementation of production processes for leading global brands.

Engineering for automation and production equipment

Based on your requirements, we will design and implement for you

  • Robotic automated devices
  • Single-purpose automated devices
  • Production lines and formations of technological units
    • Production lines and formations of technological units
    • Production lines and formations of technological units
  • Testing systems (ICT, functional testers, needle arrays)
  • Assembly jigs
Development of IT solutions
  • Development of SW solutions for manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes
  • Design and implementation of automated data processing
  • Design and implementation of data warehouses
  • Consulting and expertise in the area of process control and optimization
Electric Equipment Production
  • Installation of SMT components on modern lines
  • Testing of mounted boards (functional test)
  • SW programming into finished boards
  • SMT laboratory services (analysis and testing of components and the quality of soldering)
  • Selective soldering
  • Final assembly of finished products
  • Quality management system

Smart Factory

Are you trying to figure out innovations? We implement them.

We are specialists in automation, robotics and IoT. We have worked on a number of successful projects developed and implemented by our internal team of specialists. Thanks to our own SmartFactory department, we have been implementing Industry 4.0 innovations since 2016.

Our solutions excel in technical innovation and reliability and eliminate the error rate of the human factor. They save time as well as production and personnel costs.

We offer consulting services in the Industry 4.0 area based out our experience.
We will analyze your innovation potential and focus on your key business processes, production processes and existing IT solutions.
The analysis will result in a proposal for the Industry 4.0 innovation strategy at your company.

Our key competencies for IT solutions
Consulting and expertise in the following areas:
  • Process analysis
  • Automated data processing
  • Information systems
  • Process control and optimization
Development of SW solutions for
  • Business Intelligence (MS power BI)
  • Production management systems
  • Automated data collection and processing
  • Internet of Things and BigData

And in the area of production automation you can make use of our experience in innovative solutions for robotic workplaces.

Consulting services:
  • Process analysis and automation concept design
  • Optimization and modernization of existing solutions at your company
  • Analysis and proposal for IoT solution
  • Analysis and preventive maintenance proposal
Development and Implementation:
  • Development of robotic workplaces
  • Development of single-purpose automatic machines
  • Development of testing systems
  • Implementation, delivery and commissioning
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Service and after-sales services

Our advantages
  • High quality repairs
  • Attractive response time from 24 hours
  • Competitive pricing
  • More than 1 million renovated devices
  • Flexible spare part solutions
  • Reverse logistics all over Europe
  • Flexible storage facilities with tailored services
  • High rate of added value
After-sales services

Professional repairs, reworks, preprogramming, testing, dispatching? No problem! Thanks to extensive experience with customer service and after-sales support, we provide you with B2B and B2C solutions as part of our after-sales services. We guarantee excellent KPI performance, including TAT, yield and reuse rate, thus significantly reducing customer costs.


Rastislav Pugzík
+421 907 750 601

Spare parts
  • We arrange spare parts deliveries for the entire EMEA region
  • We arrange consignment operations for our clients
  • Our service also includes RMA identification and reverse logistics
Repairs of components and entire devices
  • We perform repairs of components and entire electronic devices
  • With our team of experienced technicians, we perform level 3 repairs
  • We will also perform professional software reprogramming for you
  • We are rework specialists
  • As a matter of course, we will perform product reliability testing after servicing
  • We provide replenishing of finished product packaging according to the requirements of the manufacturer or marketing
Renovation and repackaging services

Make money on products for a second time. Our effective solutions for product reuse are here to help you. In addition, we also provide repackaging with the support of local suppliers. Pack size options are virtually unlimited, from S up to XXL. We perform bulk packaging as well as individual packaging.

Own development and engineering

When performing servicing, our great advantage is our own development of rework or service stations, jigs and tools. We can tailor-make them specifically for your business.

Design proposal

When designing devices to a specific purpose, we will propose a solution in the form of 3D drawings and subsequently, we will verify the functionality with the help of a software simulation.
The next step is the development of a prototype, verification of its functionality in real time and subsequent elimination of any potential deficiencies.
The third stage is the actual production of the device itself, its commissioning and subsequently, if necessary, its further upgrades.

Product and compatibility testing

Stability and reliability evaluation

Our products must be able to withstand a lot. We will perform tests of climactic, cyclic and thermal shocks for you, using our own two large-volume walk-in test chambers and two smaller programmable test chambers with a temperature range from – 80 to + 300 °C and relative humidity range from 10 to 95 %.

Vötsch 40021 (programmable)

  • Internal dimensions: 200 x 500 x 210 cm
  • Temperature: – 40 °C to + 90 °C
  • Relative humidity: 10 to 95 %

Vötsch 4150 (programmable)

  • Internal dimensions: 107 x 143 x 94 cm
  • Temperature: – 40 °C to + 60 °C
  • Relative humidity: 10 to 95 %

Vötsch 7012 (programmable)

  • Internal dimensions: 50 x 50 x 80 cm
  • Temperature: – 80 °C to + 300 °C
  • Relative humidity: 10 to 95 %

Rastislav Pugzík
+421 907 750 601

Mechanical stress evaluation

Are you worried about damage to your products during transportation? Would you like to test their durability and packaging properties? Using our vibration system, we perform a range of transport simulation tests. A drop test is also available to test the durability of your packaged or unpackaged product.

Equipment used in tests:

F-35000BD/LA36AP vibration system

  • Dimensions: 195 x 249 x 300 cm
  • Max. load capacity: 1,500 kg
  • ISTA 6

Drop test SHINYEI DTS100

  • Max. load capacity: 499 kg
X-ray spectrometry

Do you need to meet standards for the content of hazardous metals and want to verify their presence in your products or materials? In just 30 seconds we will perform an accurate analysis of harmful elements in accordance with the WEEE/RoHS/ELV regulations (cadmium, mercury, chromium and bromine) and confirm, whether they meet the limits set in the directives.

Equipment used in the test:
  • X-ray tube: 50 kV, 1 mA
  • Source: 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Measuring chamber: 460 x 360 x 150mm
  • CCD camera: 50x digital magnification
  • Minimum sample diameter: 1.2 mm
  • Thickness of the measured surface: 0.1 mm
  • Cooling: nitrogen
  • Standards: RoHS
Areas of application
  • Quantitative analysis of harmful elements
  • Solders
  • Electronics and components
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Plastics

Warehousing and logistics

Are you looking for the perfect facility and services for your business? We have it all!
We offer 17,878 m2 of secure storage space at an attractive location, accessible 24/7 through 16 gates, 14 of which are equipped with a loading ramp. Trained personnel with many years of experience in warehousing and warehouse management provide top service of the highest quality.


Dušan Borčáni
+421 905 750 081

Further benefits of our services:

  • Flexibility thanks to a storage height of 10 m and seamless flooring with a load capacity of 1 ton/m2
  • The entire premises monitored by a security camera system
  • Entry and exit constantly monitored by security service
  • A fleet of state-of-the-art GPS monitored forklift trucks with forks or tongs
  • Warehouse management system controlled by RF guns with android system and smart solutions
  • Heated premises throughout the entire warehouse + LED lighting
  • A unique fully automated solution for packaging in water and dust resistant foil
  • A diverse VAS (value added services) offer in accordance with your requirements

We support Startups

Do you have a creative business idea? Don’t know how to get your product into production?

Your startup needs our professionals because you have to concentrate on your business while we will take care of everything else.


Jozef Bodiš
+421 905 549 274
With our experience, top team and technological equipment, we are a partner for startups.
  • We will verify the production feasibility of your idea
  • We will test the qualitative parameters and functionality of your product
  • We will propose potential improvements to save on production costs
  • We will recommend and secure material for production
  • We will produce the final product for you in the best possible quality and at the best possible price
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