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Electromobility not only brings a greener future, but also new opportunities for people on the road. Vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity, automated and autonomous driving, or interconnection with cloud-based systems are no longer a distant vision but a reality.

However, all these functions require a large amount of computing capacity that car control units cannot currently cover. Therefore, the functions of the new vehicles will be managed by a few extremely powerful computers rather than dozens of separate control units.

Our goal is to bring tailor-made solutions to global automotive brands in this area as well, in line with Foxconn Group’s “3+3” strategy for electric vehicles.

We are looking for enthusiasts to offer



In the new project, you will get a unique opportunity to create the mobility of the future. The new team will work closely not only with our headquarters, but also with customers around the world.



The willingness to learn is key in this project. The products we will produce for our customers are among the absolute best in the automotive industry and only the best in the world will dare to use them.



Sustainable, reliable and high-performance. That’s what electromobility, and our products, should be. And that requires the best employees.

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Help us become a leader in electromobility. We are on track to be a direct supplier to the world’s automakers and advance to Tier 1.
If you have a passion for cars and want to be part of making the brains of the future, you have a unique opportunity to showcase your skills.
Check out the vacancies in a new project we are launching right now. Find them among the open positions.


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