Our goals

We belong not only to Slovak but also European industry leaders. In Slovakia, we are one of the largest employers. We are a stable international company providing a broad scale of benefits, safe work environment and fair evaluation.

We are not only a production factory. We are a Smart Factory. Our long-term goal is to be not only a part of the fourth industrial revolution, but to become its leader with a clear vision. The main requirement consists of continuous innovations and implementation of new production concepts, which we achieve through interconnection of our people’s know-how, technologies, logistic systems and products.

We make premium products in premium quality at unrivalled fast reaction time and at corresponding prices. We are also able to develop business for other companies. Apart from cooperation with the big players, we actively support start-ups where we see the potential to combine the know-how of both parties and capitalisation of our long-term experience in the production segment.

Together with all our employees, we create a team pulling on the same rope, with the common goal – to pull our whole company further towards successful future, which depends on all of us.

Every company is guided in its business by a few principles that are most important to it.

The following values are key to Foxconn Slovakia. They are our image and vision of who we are and what we want our company to be.

  • We evaluate the facts and report truthfully, based on knowledge and accurate data.
  • We treat everyone the same.
  • We keep our promises, do as we say and take responsibility for it. We comply with the company’s rules, policies and ethics.
  • We are committed and dedicated.
  • We are focused and resilient to achieve results.
  • We are not afraid of new challenges or decisions.
  • We strive for excellence and constantly strive to improve.
  • We collect and process information to help achieve the best possible results.
  • We bring new ideas to increase company value and sustainability.
  • We achieve our goals by working together as a team, sharing our resources and know-how.
  • We support and complement each other, we are united in our work.
  • Today we strive for one E-Business Group, tomorrow for one Foxconn.


We use the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System.

Environmental awareness of colleagues is enhanced by training and presentations.

Every year we organize Eco Day / Eco Month. The aim is to mediate skills and habits for waste sorting and more efficient use of energy and resources. We also encourage our colleagues to bring new improvements to processes and production processes so that negative environmental impacts are continually reduced.

Through the management of chemical substances and preparations, we identify the hazardous properties of chemicals and at the same time offer environmentally acceptable substitutes. By replacing solvent based on volatile organic compounds with other water-based products, we reduce the amount of emissions produced into the air.

We effectively use energy in lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning, appliance and technology, as well as heating, which greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

We have an Environmental Product Guarantee program, which aims to reduce the amount of hazardous substances used. The main activity is the implementation of the Green Partner Program, which must be completed by each component supplier for finished products. In the Program, the Supplier undertakes that all components delivered are made with regard to protection and with minimal impact on the environment.

The waste produced is separated as much as possible. As an alternative to land filling we use energy recovery of waste.

We achieve a 99% recovery rate. We reduce waste by re-using packaging.

Since 2017, we supply electricity to the plant from exclusively renewable sources.

We provide a return collection point for portable batteries and their ecological treatment in cooperation with ENVI-PAK company. Return collection of electrical equipment is provided on the basis of the Agreement nr. M-1242000357/2016 in cooperation with the Organizations Responsibility Producer – ENVI-PAK company.

Corporate Responsibility

Since 2018, we have been supporting innovative projects and volunteering in our region through our Innovating with Foxconn grant program. We provide a chance to young people and informal associations to make their ideas come true for the benefit of the community we operate in. We also encourage our colleagues to volunteer.

Movement is the force that propels us forward. We care about the health of our colleagues and the youth in our region. We support the junior sports club and our employees’ sports activities, organising sports challenges for them.

We help and cooperate with

SGS ISO 9001

SGS ISO 14001

SGS ISO 27001

SGS ISO 45001

IATF 16949

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