About us

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of electro-technical products for various global brands. Currently, we focus mainly on the production of LCD and OLED TVs and PCBs using the SMT technology.

In the field of electro-technical production and engineering, we provide complex solutions, from software development, production process designing through to the final production as such. We also specialise in automation, robotization and IoT.

Our team of experienced experts, developers and engineers possess extensive and long-standing experience in production, automation, robotization, optimization as well as designing both partial and complex production processes.

Our goal is to achieve high quality products with a view to continuously increase efficiency of the manufacturing processes. This objective is achieved in a dynamic competitive environment through modern technologies and high-quality employees.


LCD TV Production Division

LCD TV Production Division

The largest production department.

It focuses on installation, finalization and testing of LCD and OLED TVs.

The manufacturing process starts at the PCB. Machinery and equipment for this operation are fitted with electronic parts for printed circuit boards.

The PCB is fully automated.

The boards then come to the lines where the TVs are assembled.

After completing all the products directly on the production line, they pass multiple quality control tests without operator intervention.

Continuous change of model without emptying of the line is possible thanks to the management of individual activities and cooperation between departments.

Logistics Division

Logistics Division

It provides a comprehensive material flow for the various manufacturing departments.

Inbound focuses on supplying production lines with components and materials.

Outbound covers the distribution of finished products around the world.



Is responsible for the introduction of new models into TV production.

Provides electrical and mechanical components, their testing and preparation for production.

Designs and implements manufacturing facility and prepares a budget for their purchase. Significantly contributes to the application of automated technologies and processes within Industry 4.0.

During the introduction of new models, where it proposes changes to improve productivity even at the stage when the design of production is not over.

Solves the technical problems of production and is involved in activities aimed at reducing production costs.

Provides software solutions for new models as well as software applications used in production.

Processes technical and production documentation for produced TV models. Provides training to other departments.



Controls, monitors and evaluates all processes using available indicators and audits.

Performs a series of tests to test the quality of TVs (mechanical tests of product durability, electrical tests and measurements, verification of product conformity against legislative requirements and product reliability tests).

Continually improves the quality of production in order to minimize undesirable circumstances in the form of claims. Prevents errors and tries to limit it to the minimum possible.

Providing training and schooling eliminates human factor errors.

The quality management system was established in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. All processes are regularly audited and verified by internal and external audits.

Supporting divisions

Supporting divisions

Supporting departments include human resources, purchasing, IT, accounting, controlling, planning, facility / environment and general affairs.

Planning and purchasing departments are responsible for accurate planning of the production process, the availability of materials and components from suppliers and their continuous delivery to production departments.

Facility/ environmental department provide maintenance of facilities and technical equipment, supplies energy media for production needs and manages waste management.

The main tasks of the human resources department are the recruitment of new colleagues as well as the proper processing of wages and all related agenda. The General Affairs Department provides transportation and boarding for staff, corporate office cleaning, work wear and footwear, and many other support activities. It also manages external and internal communication.

The Accounting and Controlling Departments are responsible for the flow of corporate finance.

Division of the production of interactive home entertainment products

Division of the production of interactive home entertainment products

The youngest division of the plant is engaged in the production of interactive home entertainment products for the world’s leading brand. Within production, the most advanced automated and robotic production technologies are being used.

Company history

Our company has acquired a stable place in the electrical engineering industry in Slovakia based on its predecessor, Sony Slovakia, which since 1996 operated in Trnava and then from August 2007 to July 2010 in Nitra.

In 2010, Sony formed a strategic alliance with Taiwan’s electro-technical giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. (under the trade name Foxconn) and sold its majority stake in the Nitra plant. Since July 2010, the company changed its name to Foxconn Slovakia.

Since 2016, Hon Hai Precision Industry is a 100 percent owner.


30,000,000 produced televisions from the start of production in 1996 to February 2018


20,000,0000 of produced televisions from July 2010 to January 2018 under Foxconn Slovakia


Beginning of automation and robotization


We produced 2,290,000 PACE STBs


Alliance with Hon Hai Precision Industry and changing its name to Foxconn Slovakia


Moving the plant to the Nitra Industrial Park


First LCD TV made


First 32” TV made


First 21” TV made


Establishment of Sony Slovakia in Trnava

Company management

Peter Hrčka

Managing Director

Marek Blaha

Director of Products Assembly Division

Milan Žiak

Director of PCBA Products Assembly

Rastislav Pugzík

Director of Customer Service & Support

Jozef Bodiš

Director od Smart Factory & Business Development Division

Dušan Borčáni

Supply Chain Division Director

Miroslava Procházková

HR & General Affairs & Communication Director

Michal Valkovič

Finance & IT Director

The Code of Conduct

The Foxconn Slovakia Code of Conduct

Foxconn in the world

Hon Hai Technology Group (trade name: Foxconn), established in 1974 in Taiwan, is the largest electronics producer in the world. Foxconn is also the leading provider of technological solutions, continuously applying its expert knowledge in the field of software and hardware, to integrate its unique production systems with new technologies. Using its expert knowledge in the field of cloud computing, mobile devices, Internet of things, Big Data, artificial intelligence, intelligent networks and robotics/automation, the Group extended not only its abilities to the development of electric vehicles, digital healthcare and robotics but also to the three key technologies – artificial intelligence, semi-conductors and new generation communication technologies – which are crucial for achieving its long-term growth strategy and the four basic product pillars: consumer products, corporate products, computing technology and components, among others.

The Company has founded research, development and manufacturing centres in other markets around the world, including China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, USA and other. Focusing on the research and development, the company owns more than 83,500 patents. In addition to maximising the value creation for the customers, including a number of leading global technological companies, Foxconn also deals with environmental sustainability in our production process, serving as the model of good practice for global enterprises.

In 2019, the company ranked 23rd in the Fortune Global 500 chart, 25th of 100 best digital companies and 143rd in the Forbes chart of the best employers in the world.

At the turn of 2020/2021, Foxconn announced its energetic entry into the electric vehicle and automotive industry, applying the strategy of shared platform for electric vehicles and joint ventures or other collaborative forms with several automobile brands. By this strategic cooperation, the company approaches its plan for 2025 to 2027, using its components and services to achieve globally at least a 10% share in the electric vehicle production.


Partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Announcement of the strategy for electromobility.


Strategic alliance with Sharp Corporation. Announcement of the strategy for 8K and 5G.


Entry into the telecommunication business


The official start of Foxconn Slovakia in the North industrial park in Nitra


The company owns manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, India and Vietnam


Establishment of factories in the UK and the United States


Foxconn buys development centres in the US and Japan


Launch of first production in Shenzhen, China


Taiwan – Establishment of Hon Hai Precision Industry (trade name Foxconn)